Feature Request: Hybrid View

On iOS, I feel like the default “Ticket” view needs to be gotten rid of. It’s great for movies, but makes navigating TV shows an enormous pain. There is also a ton of wasted space in it, while simultaneously it doesn’t really portray any meaningful information. The downside is that, while List View makes navigation a LOT more practical, you lose out on the gorgeous cover art that the Normal (Ticket) view gives.

Oddly enough, the way the Apple TV app handles UI and navigation is pretty much flawless. It’s basically the Ticket View at the first level (gorgeous grid based cover art) and then becomes “List View” once you actually drill into a particular show/season. Hopefully the iOS version of the app will start taking more design cues from the way the tvOS app looks, because it’s great.

Basically, my idea for a “Hybrid View” is the order and flow of the attached images. It would be Normal View for the first 2 levels of navigation and then switch to List View once inside a Season. Thanks for reading!