Feature request: De-interlacing

I have a lot of interlaced videocamera files so it would be great if Infuse can de-interlace like VLC Player does.

Deinterlacing was added in Infuse 5.1.

This is on by default, but can be disabled through the Playback menu (tap gear icon on iOS, or swipe down on Apple TV).

Hi James, thanks for the quick reply.I have Infuse 4 Pro on ATV4, didn’t realize it wouldn’t update automatically. So I bought Infuse 5.1… (How does the upgrade scheme work?).
It seems to de-interlace by default indeed, but when I go to Settings - Playback (Dutch version) I do not see any mention of interlacing.
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With inFuse 5 FireCore have switched to a new pricing model that I believe is intended to give them a more predictable income stream going into the future for enhancing/supporting inFuse. Now that the smartphone market is no longer growing so explosively they do not want to be funded only by new users.

Existing inFuse users do not get a free upgrade to v5 (although inFuse have made special arrangements for anyone who have bought v4 more recently than August). They can continue to use v4, but it will no longer be getting upgrades. The options with inFuse 5 are:

  • Buy inFuse 5 Pro outright. This will give you free upgrades to point releases (E.g. 5.1, 5.2 etc). However you would then have to pay again if you want v6 (when/if it arrives)
  • Buy inFuse free version and use the in-app purchase option to upgrade to Pro via the annual subscription model. This will entitle you to all future upgrades both major and minor version number changes but you pay an annual fee.

You might also want to look at the Feature Request area at https://support.firecore.com/hc/en-us/community/topics

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