Feature request: automatic (!) library refresh in Infuse for tvOS/iOS

My Request is similar to following request. but inmy opinion the fix was just a workaround (provide a easier accessible/manual sync button): Feature request: library refresh button on main screen (like iOS)

im testing right now Infuse if it is suitable for my needs. I have included a WEBDAV(HTTPS) as file source in infuse. i expected that Infuse is (instantly or at least periodically) scanning my file source for new entries/files. Similar to PLEX Feature, that when it detects a change in the scanned libraries it will automatically updates the plex libraries. PLEX detects changes almost instantly.

But if i open Infuse (on iOS, iPhone XR latest version), my library is not updating with my new movies/tv shows. I left the App open for at least 20 minutes. i need to go to settings and trigger the manual library scan button. Even then it takes almost 5 minutes to show 2 new movies.

In my opinion such a basic feature like automatic library scan is a must have. On always Powered devices like an Apple TV i expect this to happen in even in the background.

Can the Mods, developers give here information when they plan to fix this issue? I hesitant to buy premium when such a crucial error is still not been fixed/included. I cannpt explain family members to use a manual button everytime they want to see something.

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This is available in the current version.

Upon opening, Infuse will scan for updates automatically. Note, Infuse may be performing some scanning tasks even though the the spinner on the home screen is not moving. You can check the actual status in Settings > Library.

The one limitation is automatic scanning on iOS is only available on Wi-Fi. If you’re using a cell connection, you can still trigger a scan manually from the home screen.

thanks @james for the input. i tried it with the latest infuse app on an iOS device (with wifi connection) and for me the library is not updating after the start of the app. i need definetely trigger it manual. maybe its a bug. other users in this forum say they have the same issue.

secondly on a stationary device like the apple tv (power cord and ethernet cable), will library syncs happen in the background or will they just happen upon opening Infuse.
Currently with a strong wifi on my iPhone XR the manual triggered library updates takes multiple minutes for 1 additional new movie. i cannot expect my family members to wait in front of the TV for 5-10 minutes to watch their latest shows.

thanks for info and checking into the library sync issue

note: is automatic library sync maybe a Pro feature? I am currently testing the free version of Infuse.

The main page for Infuse Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore lists syncing as a pro feature so that may be your issue. Infuse starts a sync within 30 seconds for me and usually it’s going within 5 seconds on 4 different ATVs.

Why not start your free trial of the pro version if you’re going to put so much time into evaluating it? You can always cancel your subscription before you have to pay if it’s not what you want.

Hi NC Bullseye.
Reason why i am not starting my trial phase for the pro subscription is, that i currently do not own an Apple TV. Im speculating that there will be a new Apple TV in septembers keynote and want to wait with the purchase until then.

but my main driver for Infuse will be the Apple TV. Therefore i want to save my trial month for when i own an apple tv and can test it exstensively on my future main driver.

would be great to get confirmation that automatic library updates is a pro feature. would explain alot. but on the main website is i do not see automatic library updates as a pro feature. A Pro Feature seems to by a library sync. means syncing metadata/watch progress etc over the cloud

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