Feature Request - Add Support for Skip Intro for Plex

Plex has just added support for “skip intro” on the server side.

I would like to open a feature request that Infuse support that feature by calling the server to determine what iframe or timestamp plex has determined to be the start of the show after the intro.

Thanks for this awesome app!



That would be really nice!

Where is Plex getting their info? Maybe we can just use that same API so that infuse can use it with everyone, not just for Plex users

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly depending on how it evolves) this is a function of Plex not an API from another source.

I see. Seems pretty smart, the new episodes always have this available. Maybe we can at least get Siri updated to skip ahead specific amount of time instead of just 10 seconds. Another option would be to have theTVDB had a data entry for this. Default each season then maybe per episode.

“Hey Siri, skip ahead to the good part!” :clown_face:

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Let’s hope @james can figure out if Infuse can use the intro detection markers the Plex server has analysed.

oh yes +1

+1 For me as well

This feature would be awesome!