[Feature Request] Ability to re-fetch latest metadata for existing matches from source

Given some of the recent issues related to posters / artwork missing, it could be a useful feature to be able to wholesale re-fetch all metadata from the source for all existing library matches. In other words, do not disassociate the content matches, but instead preserve the matched content associations and instead just re-fetch the latest metadata for every match. While this feature request is in reaction to the issue mentioned, I think it could still be a useful feature outside of this context.

Presently I’m going through all the items in my Movies library that are missing a poster and manually editing then re-selecting the matched title so that the poster artwork gets fetched from the source. It’s going to be a slow process, probably spanning a few minutes each day over a week or so–as this is not a tremendously urgent task and just gets done in various moments of downtime–to get all the posters back, as I don’t want to clear all metadata and thus lose the manual matches.

Having said that, I think the feature should behave as though someone manually selected the “Edit Metadata” option for a title and simply re-selected the match, except do this process automatically for everything.

Perhaps I’m just speaking for myself, but I could see people wanting to regularly re-fetch metadata from the source at least a few times a year, given how metadata and posters are always updated on these services. I would use it to keep the library feeling fresh, but also to solve the current problem.

I think there’s an argument to be made for its separate but complimentary existence, distinct from having to clear all metadata and starting from scratch. I generally steer away from a knobs-and-dials approach to user settings and preferences, which is just one reason why I prefer iOS to alternative OSes, so I think this is not quite in that territory of excessiveness.

I believe that if you have iCloud sync turned on that it is keeping this part intact. To do what you are asking I think you can delete the app and reinstall. It will then grab the file to movie association from iCloud before downloading the metadata from online.

If you haven’t already download the recently released 6.4.3 which includes some poster fixed.

I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling, as that suggestion made sense, and was better than the alternatives. It unfortunately did not do that. Posters are mostly all missing from Movies, and I’m on 6.4.3.

Lacking alternatives, I still support my feature request.

So did it not match to the correct movies or just no poster art? Can you confirm the poster exists on tmdb?

The matches persisted. The posters were not updated from source. Oh yeah, the posters exist at the source. Easily a thousand titles are missing posters and these are not obscure titles.

Glad that worked.

Can you post a diagnostic code? @james can take a look at that. Also can you give a couple examples of movies without posters. Also what language are you using?

I expected that part to work, as I’m pretty familiar with how iCloud sync should work in Infuse.

I’m pasting the code, FNWWM, but I’d like to avoid turning this into a debug thread, so definitely thank you for that promising suggestion, which I wish worked but didn’t.

Given that this discussion is veering in another direction, I’d like to put it back on course and maintain that the feature request is still very much desired.

I second this. By forcing us to clear our existing metadata corrections and watched indicators to get our artwork back, Infuse is punishing users for their mistake. It shouldn’t be this way!

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