FC Logo sometimes there, sometimes not!



I have noticed that, from time to time, if the ATV2 has been unplugged that the red FC logo and XBMC is not there making me think that the jailbreak had been lost.

So I re-jailbroke the unit and it became clear that the FC setting icon does not always appear (even without XBMC installed).

I am therefore assuming that this glitch is nothing to do with XBMC or any subsequent programming.

I had a few nightmares using aTVFlash (Sorry guys!) so I opted instead for manual XBMC install using XBMChub instructions and everything was fine (apart from this intermittent red FC logo and XBMC vanishing).

I have some SSH’ing problems which I put down to updates using NitoTV (and couldn’t see the benefit of using NitoTV) so I stopped installing NitoTV and unit runs fine.

Sometimes I get buffering in Hulu now and again.

I have been playing with several permutations for a few months now and am reasonably happy with my setup for the ATV2 - however, there is always room for improvement!!!

I have a few questions:-

a)  I am missing something fundamental by not installing NitoTV and simply changing the root password from ‘alpine’

b)  Would I be better off installing NitoTV by SSH and entering code

c)  How can I correct this logo disappearing and XBMC along with it?  It seems like it is booting without realising it has been jailbroken every now and then.


Thanks in anticipation.

Although I have an active subscription for aTV Flash but I am choosing not to use aTV Flash as my chosne method these days for installing XBMC - Is my topic so uninteresting and unintelligent that it does not warrant a response from FireCore staff?

I appreciate that people are busy, as I am, but nearly 24 hours have passed and not even the slightest glint of hope for me on what I thought would have been an important issue for FireCore seeing as this problem appears that it can only be being caused by SP?

One thing to keep in mind is the FC logo simply acts as an indicator, and will be removed when (most) 3rd party plugins (such as aTV Flash or nitoTV are installed). This does not impact the jailbreak status of the Apple TV, and is simply aimed and retaining a more stock look and feel.

If the other plugins, such as XBMC, are disappearing that is definitely not normal or expected and I can’t really say what the cause of that would be. It could be related to the manual installation method, as aTV Flash (black) will install and update a number of other core components during it’s install/update routine. If this is not being done you may be missing out on some of these other updates.

PS - It looks like this was originally posted in the ATV1 section, so I went ahead and moved it.