Favourites won’t rename

With atv4k I cannot rename a favourite and have the name stay. Favourites renamed last year show correctly but now when I rename. Favourite, the name reverts back to the old name. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes and sometimes it’s the next day.
I started renaming after the 6.4 update, but don’t know if the issue was there before that.
Today I made a name change and waited 10 minutes. Changed stayed. I then watched a movie, afterwards checked and the name changed back to the old name.
I have two separate aTv4k with infuse, could the second one be refreshing the name back On the first one instead of accepting the name change?

As a test I’d try renaming the favorite on the other ATV first and then change the one that’s not sticking and see if that makes it stay. After you change the first one, go to settings > library and watch the messages and make sure it has completed the iCloud sync after the renaming and it shows “Last Update: Today…” then go and change the second one.

If you see this again, can you send in a report from your device (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code you see here?

You may also check to ensure you are running the latest 6.4.2 update on all your devices.

I have had trouble in the past with cloud data changing things from a previous restore point. Perhaps turning this off in your infuse settings may fix the problem. Idelicly it would be good to delete all infuse data from Apple cloud, then turn on again to upload fresh version. I haven’t been able to access this data on apple cloud to delete even though in certain forums it says you can. I don’t know if this will be of any help but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Deleting iCloud data generally isn’t needed, but if you want to do this it can be done by following the steps found at the end of this guide.