Favourites custom icons repainting

When I go into the main page of Infuse, the favourite icons first show the standard icons, then a second or two later they get repainted with my custom icons. I know it isn’t anything major, but it’s a quite ugly effect. Any chance it can get fixed? Thanks.

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Any feedback, please?

Mine do that to a bit and it’s more noticeable on the ATV4. The ATV4K seems to snap through it a bit faster.

I’m kind of in the mindset now to wait and see what V6 brings since it’s such a major rewrite under the hood for Infuse. This may be a thing of the past when V6 releases and it’s sounding like it’s close with the release being talked about in other threads.

Yeah, I’m waiting for V6 as well (who isn’t? :smiley: ). It isn’t a major issue, but sometimes it seems to take even a second, making me worry (for that short time) that the metadata is lost again. It’s just a bit of a nuisance.

Well, v6 is out and it’s just like before. Please fix it.