Favorites with subfolders?


On the main screen, you have the favorites short cuts, e.g. ‘Movies’ which will open your folder with all your movies.

Is it possible to have subfolder favorites? I.e. when you click the ‘Movies’ favorites short cut on the main screen, you are presented with another set of favorites short cuts, like e.g. ‘Action’, ‘Horror’, ‘Drama’ ‘Thriller’, etc… This would keep the main screen clean with only a minimum of short cuts.


Yes! The best option for doing this would be to create a favorite for the ‘By Genre’ category in the Library. This will allow you quickly jump into the list of genres before selecting a movie.

To do this, simply highlight the By Genre item in the library, and long-press it to add it as a favorite.

More info on this and other Library customization options can be found here.

Thanks, that sort of works.

Problem is that it takes all movies from all favorites, which includes loads of home videos, that I don’t want added. I only want “real” movies to be included.

In this case, I’d recommend marking the folders that contain your home videos to use Local Metadata instead of Online Metadata. This will prevent Infuse from trying to match your home videos with actual movie titles from TMDb.

To do this, simply locate the folder that contains your home videos, long-press it, and select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

Bingo…, that did it.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: