favorites with infuse 5?

Okay, I have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and 2 appleTV4’s. Do I have to have the same folders on each? I love the iCloud syncing, only having to setup on 1 device and everything syncing on other devices, now that is hot! But my wife and I have different kinds of movies we like to watch. So how would I remove a folder from the favorites on 1 device, but have it stay on another, or is this not possible?

Oh my favorites about the Infuse 5 or here in my video https://youtu.be/Yyug_WqIojo

Do you want that I translate your video to spanish (subtitles)?

Yes how?

vía amara.org

I can take the subtitles CC in english or your voice, and made the translation with a translation program that I use to make subtitles in spanish. (i do that in that way) but they can be done online.
Another friend of yours can do the same translation in other languages

That told me stuff I already knew. I want to know how to keep favorites on 1, while removing it from another? I like to watch stuff my wife doesn’t, and and she likes to watch stuff I don’t. So how do we remove favorites without them removing it from all devices?

Use same username and password to buy infuse 5 app or share app through Apple’s family sharing

But use separate iCloud accounts for personal iOS devices

But if you share atv just make shares and favorite naming them “wife’s movies” “husbands movies”

Or wait for FireCore to add a profile feature