Favorites Vs. Library Differences

I just started using Infuse 5 on AppleTV4.

I have a quick question with, what i hope to be, a very quick and effective answer.

You have shares that you peruse through and mark a few directories as your favorite. This produces a small start next to that item and also tosses it direct on the “Main” screen on Infuse. No issues yet…

Once you add your favorite directories from any/all shares you so choose, you then have an assortment of favorites on your “main” screen, to the left of a “Library” button. No issues here…

Here begins the issue I run into.

You can navigate through any one of your “Favorites” and then back out and drill down into the same said “Favorite” BUT do so via the “Library” button on the far right. This is where the differences become apparent.

In “Library” you will find the watch status on the

  • Episode Name
  • Season Folder
  • TV Show Name

In “Favorites” you will find the watch status on the

  • Episode Name

I personally like to see the watched status of all my tv shows from the top level of the show itself without drilling down into each show (2) levels deeper just to see if it is fully watched, or not. This is why i use “Library” button.

I would love to set my “Favorites” up but have them NOT show on the “Main” screen. Ii’d like to just see the “Library” button only. I currently have to scroll all the way to the right, past all of my “Favorites,” to reach it.


Is there a way i can do either of the following:

  • Click through any of my “Favorites” that have been added from my shares, BUT have the watch status appear on all levels just as the “Library” does?
  • Remove the visibility of my selected “Favorites” from the “main” screen so that the “Library” button is the only one available?

Images below of the differences:

Library Views:

Favorite Views:


I can answer your last question … Highlight the favourite on the main screen and do a select-and-hold on the remote; this should bring up a menu which includes a Hide Favorite option.

Hey, that’s sufficient for me!