"Favorites" issues

With the new design there are three new colorful icons (and functionality) for MOVIES, TV SHOWS and OTHER.
It looks like these three works differently than to merely be a shortcut to the respective share?

If I enter my TV Shows through the “Favorite” icon the shows aren’t updated.
I can exit and reenter, do a manual “update” etc. The last show I added doesn’t appear.

If I exit and enter my TV Show through the library or share icon, the show is there.
If I then go back to the Favorite icon for TV Shows it is now there too.

How come? A bug or as designed? :slight_smile:

I use Plex shares on a Synology NAS.

I believe what you’re seeing is favorites created from Library options. If you navigate to those in the library and long press you will have the ability to add as a favorite or add to lists or remove them if their already there.

I have not added any “favorites” manually. I’ve simply connected Infuse to my Plex server.
Let me clarify, it’s not that I don’t see any TV shows or specific folders of movie content. It’s the content within them that doesn’t update until I’ve navigated to that folder through the library.

I can reach my TV Shows in three ways:

  1. Through the new nice pink icon called TV Shows
  2. Through the old/normal orange TV Shows icon to the right (manually added favorite)
  3. Through the Library icon.

For TV Show X I can see 5 episodes for that show if I use option 1.
Option 2 and 3 shows 6 episodes for that same show.

If I use option 1 after I’ve used option 2 or 3, option 1 also shows 6 episodes.

So, the new favorite icons seems to not refresh from Plex automatically.
It’s the same thing with Movies.

Just to clarify, you are seeing different content if you browse via Library > TV Shows > All TV Shows compared to browsing via the pink TV Shows icon on the home screen?

If so, those should actually be the exact same list.

One thing you may check is that Infuse has finished its scan. You can view the progress of this through Settings > Library.

But I’m using Plex Media Server, Infuse shouldn’t scan them then, right?
What I’ve done is that in settings I chose “connect to Plex”, then I marked Plex’s three different shares (HD Movies, DVD rips and TV Shows) as favourites. These Favourites appear as orange icons on the Infuse start screen.
If I click either of these orange icons the content is up to date from Plex. If I add a new video file it will be accessibly in Infuse through these icons as soon as Plex has indexed it.

The colored Favourite buttons in Infuse, however, seems to work differently.

When I add a new video they don’t appear here when Plex has indexed it. They do appear eventually, but I usually have to enter through the orange icon for that share for that to happen. Maybe it happens automatically after a while regardless - I haven’t tested it that throughly.m

If the colored favourites shortcuts in Infuse depends on local indexing, this might be the cause of it. But it seems like a weird logic.

When streaming from Plex you can access your content via Favorites (folders) which are set up when connecting to Plex, or through the Library…or both.

Content displayed in folders will access Plex directly, and when loading them will cause Infuse to index content on demand if new content was added. Content displayed in the Library is cached and automatically updated when opening the Infuse app, or periodically if the app is left open.

Assuming Infuse has had a chance to see the new content, the items displayed in the Library should match what you see in the folders. The Library will however include some additional filters and search options which aren’t available when using folders.