Favorites broken/Plex TV series Library (7.7 update)

Making a dedicated thread on this, since, it does not seem specifically related to the new Direct mode, but more of the 7.7 update as a whole. (happens in both Direct and Library modes) Previous posts: here, here, here

I am getting the error shown in posted screen shot, both on Apple TV app and in iOS app when i try to open a Favorite. The orange with star icon buttons that appears on the home screen when u set a media folder as Favorite.

This is with Plex connection, in which the library folder you select in Infuse settings is a TV Shows type Plex Library, with Plex TV Series scanner type in advanced settings on Plex side. Example, CSI: Miami or A.L.F. (Shares, Media Sever, Plex, +Add Favorite(s), select the Folder.)

The library type “Other Videos”, Personal Video Files for scanner in Plex, when set as a Favorite load fine. Movie type Libraries Favs work fine. (as do SMB type connection based Favs)

I have tried removing and re-adding Plex connection, which also have to re-add favorite, still error.
Diag sent YAH6Z and BHFQ8

The string of number/letters after the “context at $xxxxxxxxxxx” changes for each Fav library i try to load.

This is rather crippling for me, as i set the series i am watching as Favs, and use that button on the home screen (of Infuse), (which i have only “Watching” enabled, and below that the Favs buttons show) to open and navigate episodes in that series. I have been using Favs this way since i first bought Infuse years ago. Set what i want on Home Screen via Favs.
As it is now, i have no way to access my Plex series Libraries i been watching, as “Watching” does not always populate the next episode after a season is completed, or i mark something as watched, or want to start watching a new series/library. Have to go back into the Fav and start watching something for it to show back up there.
If i do a SMB connection to the Library folder, then Plex is not updated for watch status.

I am running into a slightly similar problem. Favorites no longer show on the Home Screen at all; there is no option to pin them to the Home Screen—the only pinnable options for my Plex server are recently added for each library or recent playlists.

Please fix this ASAP. I can not even start a new show/series as I have no way to open any of my Plex Libraries. I just added a new show to Plex, and still getting that error when i try to open it in Infuse.

This is an issue we are looking into when pinning single series folder (EG Breaking Bad) to the home screen.

For now, if you were to pin the main Plex Library (EG TV Shows) then that will work.

There is no way to pin the whole main Plex library I can only select certain folders from the Directory tree that comes up in Add favorites screen. There is a Plex icon that appears on the home screen, if i have no favorites set at all, but it disappears if i have any favorites.

Plex Libraries can be pinned by navigating to Infuse > Settings > Shares > Plex Share > Add Favorites.

That is what i am doing, i select a folder from there, and it adds it to home screen, and try to open it, error.

I do not have, nor ever have had a single Global folder for a category, like TV Shows. I have a folder for each show, or series, and add that to Plex as its own library, set to what ever category it falls under so the Plex scanner can identify metadata.

I see.

I don’t think this is a common use case, but it’s something we’re looking into getting fixed.

Thanks for your patience.

I don’t understand what you mean… not a common use case? How else do you do things? This is how you use Plex, and Emby and literally every other Media server in existence. How my friends family also use theirs. And how your own player app has worked since i started using it years ago. You add the folder of the series or whatever you want as a favorite. Not just have one link to everything, that defeats the purpose of setting a Favorite series. If it was never meant to work that way, then why do you have the option to select any folder or individual file even, in the whole directory tree of Library folders when u go to add fav? It also works like that for SMB and other type connections.

Typically one would set up a ‘TV Show’ library in Plex which would have all the series inside.

Supporting individual series in their own library isn’t a flow we thought of to test, but it’s something which will be fixed.

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I see. I have never heard of that style of setup. Having one single massive library to hold everything would not work well, in my experience with Plex. U can only change the metadata scanner per library. And semi- often, i have found that the default one does not detect the series right, or uses the wrong database etc. A few shows, i have had to revert to the older scanner type and that populates the meta data correctly.

Also, if everything was under one library, then anything you add to it, it refreshes/re-scans the whole library for changes. Once i get a series added and meta set and checked is right, i do not want it messed with/changed. I also may want some series to have thumbnails generated, or not, or intro/credits detection enabled, and some not. With one library, you cant do that. I also can control who has access to each separate library (series) instead of just access control to one single library of all tv shows.

The many media servers i have connected to remotely, shared ones, either Plex or Emby/Jelyfin etc, i have never seen them been setup as you mention…but, i guess it makes sense for some users to do it that way if they think it is easier. Either setup has its pros and cons i guess.

Can you clarify what you mean by “One single massive library”

Do you actually have a TV show library and a separate Movie Library? I’m pretty sure James isn’t suggesting you would have one single library that contains both movies and shows. But Plex should be pointing to a TV Show library and not to individual TV shows.

One single library for each category…

I do have “single library” for only 2 things. Music videos, and Misc. videos. The latter is a folder i dump YT vids rips, or other videos i rip from web, using a downloader, so that i do not have to use the YT app etc. and can watch on my big tv easy, then delete when watched. They both have no meta data scanner enabled.

It makes sense for movies too i guess, but i do not store movies on media server. I watch/stream one then delete it. Store them offline if they are local rips. I do not watch movies often.

Tv Shows, would be stupid, imo, to keep in one library. Many shows are many seasons, many episodes. I do not want that single massive a library. CSI: Miami 9 seasons, 20 some eps each, Mythybusters, 20 seasons, Simpsons 20 seasons / 20+ eps per season. etc.

Many times, when i just add on series to Plex, it does its scan, and every season is mis-identified as some random un-related show. No idea why, have to manually un-match, then re-match via search input. And, I want full control of each show, as its own library, for reasons i already mentioned.

It should not matter anyways, as what is the difference in having to set a fav to one single “TV Shows” named library, vs multiple ones that are just named as the show it contains? It should make zero difference to Infuse. It doesn’t matter when u use SMB type connection, and Infuse identifies things itself no matter what “libraries” you have set.

Regardless, as i mentioned too, setting a fav in Infuse to any library that is set to TV Shows in plex, it errors. If library is another category, it works, but then meta data don’t work right cause it is trying to identify a tv show as a movie.

Your naming and file structure will be the reason.
Your issues are with the layout you have in Plex and is absolutely nothing to do with Infuse.

You really need to read the support documentation for file naming and library organisation over at Plex.

Yeah because Infuse is far more tolerant than Plex regarding naming and folder structures. Does it not ring alarm bells when you say you have to manually match everything you add in Plex? Nobody else has to do that.

Never said anything about that being my issues related to Infuse… Plex side remains the same as it was before for many years.

The Issues is purely with/in Infuse, in that they broke Favorites, for TV Show type libraries i was able to narrow it down to, with the latest update (both in Direct and Library modes). (which they are going to fix) They replied stating it is not a use case they test for… so they don’t test adding a favorite for TV Show library? Not a common use case? Ok… i hope they now will.

I rarely if ever use the actual Plex app, it is too busy and full of bloat.
Infuse is SO much cleaner, and since i discovered it years back, it is awesome to just be able to add buttons (favs) on the home screen of the app of the libraries/folders i am wanting to go into/watch with only the Currently watching shown on the top of the screen. This is how i been using Infuse, with Favs for many years now.

On the Plex side, Regardless of naming, which, often is not under my control since that is how they downloaded or how the original person who made the files named them, or how i prefer to file them. Still have had issues with it being exact as Plex says to have them named, their scanner messes up. Though more often, it uses TVDB and that database is wrong or using different style than what i have, sometimes, they differ if order is different, dvd, streaming, bluray, tv air, etc of series sometimes have different order and need to use different database for meta. Walker Texas Ranger was a big example of this. DVD box set order (3 of them each different) differ from TV air order. And A.L.F dvd/bluray order different than air order, and some episodes are 2 part in TVDB but are single long episode on the bluray/dvd. Plex isn’t perfect, never has been, nor is the other media servers i have used in the past, they all share similar issues, but Plex works well enough for me they way i use it as a media server.

Infuse is just way better as a client player app/interface.
And i hope they continue to optimize and improve their app. And to promptly fix things they break when they push an update… which is the only time i come on here, to report an issue. And i see a few users, that have not posted in years, now posting after this update hit them.

So you’re saying you cant add TV shows as a favourite like this?

No. It shows error when u try to open it. It matters not if it is just a library named TV shows with multiple folders of shows in it, or a library named as the show, with just the folders of that show in it (how i do things). Any library set at “TV Shows” type in Plex does not open in Infuse. I even changed one of my existing libraries to a different type in Plex, and the shortcut started working.

Meanwhile, the same “library” folder Fav will work fine if i add it via the SMB connection and not via Plex. That is a slower connection, and Infuse does its own metadata scan, but would prefer the Plex connection type work.

When I open my Tv Shows favourite I see this

Maybe it only for newly created Libraries? idk. But my existing ones error out to.
I have a friend, who i set up their Plex, same kinda style as i do, and some of his TV Show library Favs open some do not. He is uses a NAS to host Plex on though.

What do you use as your server on? Windows, Linux, a NAS?

I am using a Windows 11 PC as server.

My Plex install is on a Windows 11 PC.