Favorites Artwork - can't get it working...

First thank you for Infuse. It led me to buy two atv 4th gens.

I want everything to be as automated as possible. So if I add a favourite on either atv I want the main screen artwork to auto show instead of manually assigning it.

If I read correctly I create a favourite artwork and put this in the main tv show folder, and rename it to favorite-atv.jpg?

For example if I make my ‘Friends’ folder a favourite to appear on the front page and I put a favorite-atv.jpg in the root of ‘Friends’ (which contains folders ‘season 1’ to ‘season 10’) it should change the grey tile with the star to the custom artwork?

I can’t get it to work, what am I doing wrong???

Yes, Infuse will automatically use the favorite-atv.jpg image contained within a folder, if/when that folder is set as a favorite.

The one exception to this is if you are streaming via UPnP/DLNA, as both of these will group image files into their own ‘Photos’ folder. In this case, you would need to long-press on the Favorite, and browse for the image you want to use manually.

I’m using an SMB share.

I have put four of the below exact same files into the root of ‘Friends’.


The exact same share, location, folder and favourite works on my iPad Infuse app and auto loads the canary. But it doesn’t do it on my atv app.

Any ideas? Anything else I can test or try?

I appreciate there are likely more pressing issues to fix but can you help with this?

Please check the code in the ATV app and confirm it’s all correct and the request is for ‘favorite-atv.jpg’ and not something else and that it works for you 100% using SMB shares.

Like I say I am doing it exactly as per your instructions on the website and it works using the iPad app but not on the ATV app.

Please advise.

Just to close this down as I’ve realised what was going wrong.

This does indeed work and it works very well.

Because I had previously, manually selected the artwork for my favourites it would always remember that file location. So even when you then select ‘reset artwork’ it will ignore the ‘favorite-atv.jpg’ file unless you manually select it.

If you have not ever previously added a folder location as a favourite then it will auto select the jpg file.

Maybe this is a big because ‘reset artwork’ should really do just that and then trigger the app to search for a ‘favorite-atv.jpg’.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Selecting Reset Artwork should actually cause Infuse to search for images with matching names automatically, though we’ll take a look at this to see if we can track down why it’s not working in your case.

Glad you’re up and running though. :slight_smile: