Favorites and lists

What are they and do they exist?
The website is mentioning favorites and lists, but I checked on my ipad and on my apple tv, and the way mentioned doesnt do it. Is that information old? Are collections and playlists the only way of organizing or do the favorites and lists exist?

Here’s the info on those.

As I already wrote I read the info about them but it doesnt exist on my apple tv or my ipad and the way mentioned of managing them also doesnt exist. So we cant have own favorites and lists?

The instructions for ATV work for me.

What version of Infuse are you using?

Im using the newest version, I just got the apple tv this week. I only have collections and playlists to add, favorites and lists are nowhere to be seen. I see the one that come with the program that are standardly pinned, so there is no way to edit these, remove some, add some, change them?

And I dont have that add to favorites action. The only one that looks like a star is one to leave a rating.

I found now what the text means, but I thought we can choose own ones, I can only add one of the categories that are already inside. But for example, the tv shows has all kinds of series, and I wanted to have a list of favorites of special chosen ones from there but seems collection is still the only way to do it.

Per the instructions on the link I gave above.

Apple TV

Favorites and Lists can be added by following these steps.

Locate a category of your choice in the Library (EG Library > Movies > Unwatched)
Hold down the center (select) button
Select a name for the Favorite/List
Choose whether to add the category as a Favorite or List
The category will now appear on the home screen

Is there a way to have another favorites row? Right now it adds the new favorites behind the current ones (the standard ones of the app) and I need to scroll a lot to find them. I would like one row of favorites with my own shows with quick access and the other one to use it for the standard app ones?

There’s a currently running thread requesting this feature here. Don’t forget to add your support by clicking the like button on the first post.