Favorite folders lose data

After a power or network outage my Favorite folders are missing almost all their data. I’m currently using Infuse Pro 6.4.7 and have data stored in WD MyCloud. I have 4 folders containing Home Movies, Maxwell Concert, Movies and Music Videos. After an outage these folders contain random files from each favorite folder but most of the content is no longer in the folders forcing me to delete them and add them again. This is a pain as I then have to edit a majority of the files to obtain the correct metadata.

This has happen after every outage or network drop. Where is the data stored that is indexing these folders and why is it scrambled?

How are you connected to the MyCloud? DLNA or SMB, FTP, etc?

I’m connecting using DLNA.

You may want to try SMB, it will give you more features with Infuse and it works quite well for me with a MyCloud.

DLNA can cause problems since it may change the file names that it shows infuse and that will cause it to give you file problems. My guess is that every time you’re getting an outage the DLNA server is changing the names of the files and then Infuse can’t see them until it re indexes them.

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Thank you, I used SMB to connect, like those additional features! Once I got my favorites setup I forced a network outage and my favorites files and information was retained.

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Good deal! I tried the DLNA server on the MyCloud and it just wasn’t as bullet proof as running Infuse.

Glad you’re back in business!

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