Favorit folder consolidation?

On my NAS I have the video files splitted in 4K content and HD content. I would like to leave this as it is but I would like to consolidate the folder child movies 4k and child movies HD in one favorite folder “Child movies”

Is this possible? I haven’t figured out how.

It’s not possible in the sense that you tell infuse to combine two different folders but…

You said “child’s” movies so if these movies all have age rating you can create a favorite from the Library > Movies > By Age Rating > and select the appropriate age group. Then long press and select “Add to favorites”.

Child movies was only one example. There is also a “Shows” Folder for HD and 4k.

If I put both in one folder. Is there a way to select the resolution with Infuse?

If you use the library you can add any of the available sorts including resolution as a favorite on the home screen.

Other than that you’re pretty much going to have to arrange your files on the server to work better.