FAT32 HDD - file size limit & work around

Hi, I learned that the HDD connected directly to the ATV needs to run on any file format except NTFS. So I did format my HDD in FAT32 but now I cannot copy/move ISO files which usually exceed 4GB to that HDD. I tried some small movies which are shown in NitoTV but no chance to get the ISO chunks on that HDD :-(.

Can anybody tell me whether the file size restriction only applied to copy/move or also view the file later? What I mean is, can I split the ISO files, copy/move them to the FAT32 HDD and then mount them back to one ISO file >4GB? Would this help or needless effort as NitoTV / the ATV wouldn’t be able to see these ISO then on FAT32?


Unfortunately the FAT32 format does have a 4GB file size limit.

You can convert your ISO files to VIDEO_TS or use MacDrive to format the drive in a Mac OS format.