Fastforwarding or rewinding on Plex don't work

I've installed Plex both on my Mac and aTV 2G Beta 2. All looks fine, but I cannot fastforward or rewind any movie. Can this be fixed?

I am going to say it's due to the trascoding. this is a typical problem experienced i have had with multiple different programs when transcoding. 


We need to get away from plex, and really move to boxee or xbmc. 

note, that plex on there forums has released 0.6.4 

They have implemented fast forwarding and rewinding. Disregard the previous post. 

i use version 0.6.4. Fastforwarding and rewinding is there but does not function. Meaning, you see the arrows on screen but picture doesn't respond.

sorry, i have 0.6.3 installed on aTV. Can't update it from PLEX online menu though. How can I update it?

Ask one of the Mods really nicely, and hope it is any easy update for them to do. 

The new version of Plex (0.6.4) was added to the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu this morning.

Have a good weekend!  ;)

thank you max! 

That would be awesome! I have Boxee on my Apple TV 1 downstairs and LOVE IT!  My Apple 2G with Plex, sucks. Video plugins wont work, no FF or RWD, many avi's stop mid-show with errors.... 


Love the TV shows Library on Boxxee...if you dont want to download a show, you can stream ad supported... just so much beter...So lets go smart people...Boxee on Apple 2g...You can do it!!!