Fastest way to use Infuse (from a Synology NAS)

Which file sharing protocol is likely to give me the fastest/most reliable performance?

I am accessing a PLEX server running on a DS418Play unit.

I tried accessing the server directly (from ATV4K) which worked, but seemed to be very slow in creating covert art etc whenever I went into folders.

I am currently using NFS, which seems faster, but still seems to take a while when loading cover art after entering TV Shows or Movies within Library.

Is NFS likely to be faster than SMB AFP etc?

Everything is hard wired Gigabit on the network.

Playing 4k files seems fine so far, it’s just loading times for cover art that seems sluggish.

NFS is the fastest. I’m not sure why your cover art is loading slow, but that’s downloaded from the internet and cached on the Apple TV in the Library view.

That is odd then. When I go back into the library folder and enter the Movies section for instance, it begins to populate the art, but it still takes a few seconds. I think it seems to take longer if I have closed, then reopened the App, but I’d have to check that to be sure.

Thanks for the reply on sticking with NFS though.

Just to elaborate on what Tim said - there are two ways to browse videos in Infuse. Library, and normal folders.

Library is a fully indexed/cached view, and will be very fast. For me personally, I am able to open a category of ~800 movies in about 1-2 seconds on an ATV4K.

Browsing via folders can be a bit slower if you have a lot of files, as the contents of the folder need to be reloaded each time it’s opened - otherwise new files would not be visible.

hi there,

so I’m wondering why when I connect over the internet (LTE) to my NAS ds218+ using FTP protocol with infuse, the streaming is slow, but when I use Plex server but connecting through infuse it’s way faster?
I’m asking because I don’t like how plex retrieve the metadata and there is just too much work, on the other hand infuse is way easier.

hope you guys understand me