Fastest way to transfer media to Infuse on a iPad or iPhone with 512 GB to 1 TB of storage?

I know either way it will take a while but how would I do it the quickest?

The absolute fastest option would be to use a USB cable connected to a Mac or PC, and transferring videos via iTunes or macOS Catalina’s File Sharing integration.

I have to disagree with the USB cable being that fastest option. iPhones are limited to using a USB 2.0 connection and therefore are limited to about 20-23MB/s transfer speed. I have my iPhone connected via a strong wireless AC connection and by using FileZilla to connect to infuse via unencrypted FTP (using the FTP option in Add Files…), I routinely get 50-55MB/s transfer speed to my iPhone XS Max.

If iPhones ever support USB 3.0 or higher, than for sure. I would think that the cable is the best option for the iPad Pro which has a USB-C connection…

Awesome! That sounds like a great option.

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