Fastest sharing?

I have a WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX58U)
I have the new Apple TV4K with WiFi 6
I have a 2015 iMac No WiFi 6
I´m not using LAN only WiFi.
I´m using SMB for sharing
The 4K content is on an external HDD connected to my iMac with USB.

I’m having some issues streaming 4K content from my iMac to the new Apple TV.
It’s buffering all the time.

Can the external HDD (a Toshiba Canvio Basics DTB410 1TB External Portable HARD DRIVE USB 3.0 DTB410) be a bottleneck?

How should I share for best speed? SMB? FTP? Jellyfin? Plex? Emby? Or does it even matter?

Is there a setting in the router that can/should be changed in order to get faster speeds?

Something other I can to to speed things up?

In general, for best performance hardwire everything. Even though the new Apple TV supports Wi-Fi 6 there is no guarantee that it is actually faster in real world scenarios. It depends on the number of streams available to the connection and how much bandwidth per stream it can reliably get with the router. SMB/NFS can perform equally well on a NAS and when hardwired you might see speeds up to 250 or more. For me wifi 5 brought this down to 100. Plex will be faster but you will still be limited by your drive and computers wifi. Your router might have a bandwidth setting but probably defaults to highest anyways. Any walls or floors will severely impact 5Ghz wifi.

If you go to shares in infuse you can perform a speed test. See what you get. You want to get 120+ for 4K connection.

Thanks, would LOVE not to use hardwired, but will use it if everything else fails.
Tried the speed test (WiFi) and got an average of 27 Mbps.
Wired speedtest got me an average of 205 Mbps.
The Router is one woodwall (right on the corner of a wall so almost line of site) and 7 meters away from my iMac and 4 meters away from my Apple TV.
I have streamed from the internal HDD (Fusion Drive).

How can I increase the speed for the WiFi to my AppleTV? Is it possible?
Change what devices are on 2.4 and 5 ghz? (it’s on auto now in the router).
Anything else?
I´m not well versed in the whole network thing.

Just give up and do it wired?

That is by far going to give you the best performance, especially, especially for 4K. HD you could get around probably with tweaking some things, but besides adding another router that is hardwired or has a really strong mesh connection you probably won’t get it to work as well as you would like.

Even if you could quadruple your WiFi speeds it’s only barely going to be enough for 4K

Oh, wired it is then.
Thank you!

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You can always do a quick test and just plug in a few Ethernet cables and see if it helps. If it fixes things then look at running the cables where they can stay permanently. For the test just lay them across the floor for a few minutes.

I believe this was done

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Sorry, hopefully I’ll be better after mid July. :eyes: