Faster way to toggle subtitles on/off on Apple TV

Turning subtitles on and off requires far too many clicks. You swipe down, swipe right a couple times, swipe down to the desired language and click. Then you get to do the whole dance again to turn them off.

Siri would solve the problem but I understand there are limitations to what you can do there.

In my opinion, there needs to be a way to turn on and off subtitles with a couple clicks. Y’all seem to have a good solution on iOS. Would love to see something similar on Apple TV.


@nassiri are you me. I’ve been subbed to Infuse Pro for a few months. And always hated that dance to enable/disable subtitles.

Just the other day I tried using Siri to enable subs in Netflix and in Disney+, both worked fine.

As you mention there may be some technical hurdles as to why this isn’t in Infuse. But it would be a great UX improvement in Infuse if the devs could add it.

Siri Overview- Apple Developer - not at all my wheelhouse but it seems it would be possible. No idea how much work it would take.

It’s one thing I miss from MrMC. They use a custom player (I think) and that allowed for non-standard controls on the remote. You could triple tap on the Siri remote (not click) and that would enable subtitles. Very slick. Siri isn’t quite as slick, but would be much better than doing the menu dance.

Turning on subtitles does need to be faster.

Maybe an interface like apple tv+ where you swipe up and the icon is already there.


That would work pretty well for me. Would be similar to triggering picture-in-picture. Even better would be a long press while watching something but I don’t know if that’s possible on Apple TV.