Faster Plex scans by skipping artwork download

I believe if you create a switch to only use Posters. And not download Artwork at all. The syncing of plex data would go so much faster. Its what taking up most of the time when syncing my plex server. I have a super large library…

This will require you to change the artwork used for “up next”, “continue watching” to just use Posters.

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Caching artwork should only need to happen once, afterwards only new files need to be scanned which is much, much faster.

The fan art images are used in other areas, including blurred video backgrounds, so it’s not really possible to remove.

Thanks for the reply…

Let me say, first off, great work, your apps is the only way I can play my 4k content issues free.

So let me explain further, and I do understand this may be a fringe issue due to my Super Large Library. How large?


On my iPhone X 256GB- takes a good 15 minutes of fetching Data, before the downloading of artwork and details occur(shows new stuff on main screen), then another 5 plus or minus to finish.(fetching 1800 artwork, 700 details)

On my Apple TV 4K 32GB, better performance, only taking about 4minutes or so, for new stuff to show up, same number of changes as my iphone.

iPad Air 2 16GB, won’t finish due to running out of space, the other clients show I have 11GBs of Metadata.

This has been added for the upcoming 6.3.3 update, which should be available early next week.

This can be found under Share Name > Advanced.

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