Faster metadata update

I am increasing my library and I’ve being observing that, after relaunching the app, it takes too much time to load all the updates of the metadata, such as new content added and new covers the TMDB has selected. My library has only 300 to 400 titles, I can’t imagine how slow it is for people with thousands of titles. It’s quiet annoying that, everytime I am going to open the app from a fresh start (iPad / Apple TV / iOS) it is not ready and I have to wait until it gets every new info. Would be better if the app analysis use smarter order: first new content added, then picks of the day, then update metadata of the home screen and for the last the metadata from the rest of the library. At least that way the home screen would be ready first. Just to be clear, my internet connection is up to 300Mb/s download, so it’s not a internet problem.

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