Fast Led Blinking after Jailbreak 5.3 w/Seas0nPass 0.95

First try: Seas0nPass ran all steps and said it was done.
When I connected the ATV to the TV I got the same 5.2 that was installed with no file modified (About Apple TV said 5.2 not 5.3).

Second try: I tried restoring with iTunes (using the FW created by Seas0nPass) and got an error.

Third try: Again using Seas0nPass and this time I think the process went fine. It said Done. Now when I connect the ATV to the TV, the led blinks fast and no system is loaded.

How can I fix this?

Got it working.

Restored 5.3 using iTunes and then used Seas0nPass and everything is working again.

same issue after several attempts both restoring, and rejailbreaking

restored and JB with different mac. works fine

I have fast blinking LED on the front of my aTV2.  If appears as though it’s in DFU all the time (after serveral reboots etc). When I try “Restore firmware” and select the ATV2,1_5_3_…, SP goes throught the paces of a restore but in the end SP displays " Firmware restor failed?". I managed to recover the aTV2 via iTunes - but that gave me 6.0.2; as expected. The aTV2 had 5.3 on it. 

Is ipossible to JB this aTV2?

Download atv 2 5.3 firmware and do a manual restore to 5.3. Try seas0npass again. I had success afters several attempts. Starting over on another computer.

That was my fix too

I was able to get it to work leaving the power cord pluged in the second time using seas0npass.