Fast forward with TV remote

Apologies if I’m doing a dumb here - but my TV remote (using CEC) no longer fast forwards the video. This definitely used to work but now it doesn’t. Previously I could press fast forward and this would start the action and each subsequent press would increase the speed of the search, until I hit the play button.

Now no matter what I do it just moves forward 10 seconds. If I keep pressing, just more 10 second skips. No fast forward anymore. I’m sure that when this didn’t work in the past I could just pause the video and press fast forward. But that isn’t working either.

How do I get my fast forward back?

Might be my TV. The remote on my one upstairs is fast forwarding just fine…

Contrary to me thinking I’d solved this, I still cannot actually fast forward on my ATV 4K 1st Gen connected to a Samsung QLED using the TV remote and CEC.

It works fine on my other two (Panasonic) TV’s, but on the Samsung the best I can get is to have to keep going forward 10 seconds with the skip.

I’ve recently replaced my HDMI cable for an 8K rated one, which fixed some other black screen issues, but still no fast forward.

Ideally I’d prefer if a double press of the skip button actually triggered fast forward mode, and each subsequent press increases the speed. But I think it only works if you keep hold of the fast forward button, which I assume my Samsung remote isn;t playing ball with…

Does anybody else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?