Fast Forward / Rewind

I am trying to figure out how the fast forward / rewind functions work with both the apple remote and when controlling the Apple TV with a Harmony Elite remote. I tried FF/R with the apple remote and was only able to use the 10 sec function. When using the harmony, the FF/R did not work at all, and the video would pause when trying a traditional FF using >> button. Is there no support for a tradional FF/R function, even when using the >>/<< controls? And when I say tradional, I mean you hit >> repeatedly to increase the FF rate, with the frames skipping on the display.

I have been using a popcorn hour a400 to play movies on a synology 712+ NAS. I really like the simplicity of the infuse interface running on Apple TV, but there are some quirks like the apple remote and non-traditional FF/R functions.

On the remote I have that came with the Apple TV4 I press the large button on the top of the remote then swipe left for rewind or right to forward then press the the large button again to play. It’s actually the most responsive of all the media players I’ve tried. Works nicely for me.

I played with it some more and the <<>> buttons work as expected when using the harmony but the image is static and does not change when doing FF/R. Is this the expected behavior? I expected the image to update frame by frame at the FF/R rate, during the FF/R operation, just like on other devices.

I think thats expected, I don’t think its possible to have the image update as you scrub. Not for a streaming video at least.

Hmm. When streaming mkv videos from the same source (Synology 712+ NAS) using Popcorn Hour a400, the image updates during FF/R operations. Does anyone know why infuse does not update the image during FF/R operations?