Fast forward and backwards

I am not using the apple remote but an All in One remote for all my devices in my home cinema. MrMC has a very useful trick and apart from the normal fast forward/backwards, if I press the right or left arrow on my remote 3,4 or 5 times (or the apple remote) I can move 10s, 30s, 5min, 10min, 30min back or forward inside the movie and I can change that, the time jumps according to how many times I press each arrow. Would be nice to see that here too instead of having to watch the whole movie in fast forward till I get to see a certain scene in the end.

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Please discuss here.

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I’m glad to see this here, I would love to have this feature as well!

Agreed here too. The skip command as currently implemented is far too limited, especially given how there’s that awful half second or so lag in the audio when skipping.

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