I have several movies in an folder and I have placed a folder.jpg inside the first folder. Then the fanart will appear. But when I only have one movie in a folder the folder.jpg will not appear.

My movie structure: (all movies is in folders)

d:/Movie A/Movie A1 and Movie A2

Folder.jpg in Movie A and Movie A1 And Movie A2

The fanart will show for the Movie A, but not for the Movie A1 And Movie A2

d:/Movie B

Folder.jpg in Movie B

The fanart will not show for the Movie B

It would be nice if folder.JPG always would appear in the folder it is shown in.



This is the structure if you also have a Dvico Tvix mediacenter. The folder.jpg picture is placed in the movie folder and it is shown.

Is there any chance that folder.jpg in the movie folder will be shown as fanart?


It does ini many other systems, so if you have different mediacenters it would be nice.


This was not added in the new wersion 1.6 :frowning:

Is there any change that it will be added?

Manual fanart is not yet supported, but is planned for a future version.

Stay tuned.