Fanart zoomed in issue

Noticing that Infuse is zooming in on Fanart which inadvertently crops the sides of the image. See attached for example. Suggest a fix be implemented for full image to be presented

Is this artwork something you’ve provided alongside the video file? If so can you attach it here?


It appears that the pic you have is a portrait oriented poster from TVDB and the fanart should use the landscape orientation.

The image is being pulled from Plex since I’m connected via Plex server. I do not see this image on TMDB or Fanart. Here is a screenshot from the Plex selection which you can see it indeed is landscape oriented and NOT portrait.

What are the dimensions of that pic?

Not really sure of the dimensions but here is a more better example of what Infuse is doing with fanart (background) images. I changed the image to pull from TMDB (see this link: The Abbott and Costello Show (TV Series 1952-1954) - Backdrops — The Movie Database (TMDB)).

Now look how it appears on Infuse……notice how it’s cropped on the sides

Can you turn the iPad to landscape and see if that changes things? I don’t have an iPad so I’m not familiar with how Infuse works on one.

Your right. If iPad turned sideways, the image shows in its entirety.

Do you play videos with the ipad in the portrait mode? If so aren’t they considerably smaller than if you watch them in the landscape mode?

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Perhaps Infuse needs to dynamically scale the top bit of the UI (where the fan art is shown) in iOS to keep the landscape orientation aspect ratio correct when rotating the screen to portrait? Though that might squeeze the element of the room they need, since the element will have less width to fit all the textual content — they may have just compromised and gone for a little crop when in portrait. Probably it’s never much noticed due to standard backgrounds not including text.

Btw, did you know you could have Infuse automatically download and display tv series logos over background fanart images? They’ll never be squeezed off the screen that way.