Fanart options for different seasons

is there really still no fanart options for different seasons? its a horrible way to look at seasons with the same fanart for all seasons, makes no sense why this isn’t an option yet


count me +1

Neither TheTVDB or TMDb has season-specific fan art for series.

I suppose we could look at displaying different (random?) fan art for different seasons, but this could have mixed results.

However, once we migrate to TMDb for TV shows we would have access to larger episode artwork which could be potentially used in place of fan art. The TVDB has pretty low-res episode artwork, and using this in larger sizes wouldn’t be a great experience.


it would still be nice for the option to be there for those who make their own art work and add it ourselves, I use iTunes Artwork Finder by Ben Dodson to pull art for all seasons and movies which has different art work for seasons

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hi, is there away to add custom fanart to separate seasons instead of just one image for fanart which shows for all seasons, when I add 2 or more seasons I get the same fanart for all seasons I don’t want that.

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Currently there is one one option for “Fanart” and that’s for the series.

You can create a Seasons poster using the instructions in the metadata users guide though.

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Hi James :wink:

Is there a way to use different Season-Fanart for each Season?
How I must name the Custom-JPG to do this? :wink:

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Hi @James,

as asked in the Beta discussion thread here is my suggestion for diferent Fanart for TV Show Seasons.

With the modern UI Option we finally got unblurred fanart. I want to suggest to enhance that feature to allow different Fanart per TV Show Season.

Emby and offer to setup different fanarts per season and using one or the other as metadata organizer for Infuse, it would be easy to setup different fanart per season.

Also for the non Emby/plex users it would be easy. jut search for fanart in the season folder or have fanart named like fanart-season01.jpg in the main folder


Hi @Christian1979 ,

I’ve asked that in the Beta discussion for 7.0 RC2. James replied, that I might add this as suggestion after 7.0 was released.

So thanks for remind me.


Hey James :wink:

It would be great if you could make it possible to use Fanart for each Season, because I use Custom-Fanart only for all my Movies/Shows! So it’s not relevant if on TheMovieDB are not so much Season-Fanarts available :wink:
And I want to make a different Fanart-Background for each Season.

This could simply implemented by naming the JPG this way:
season 1-fanart.jpg
season 2-fanart.jpg
season 3-fanart.jpg

Is this possible this way? :wink:


agreed! this would be perfect for custom fanart! :slight_smile:


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agree this would be the perfect way, even if it isn’t using the TMDB at least give the option for custom fanart

@james please take a look at what @Christian1979 is suggesting as for me, and I guess all other users, this would be the perfect setup for total customization without making any abrupt changes to the overall platform. That way, if you want to customize, you can. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.


I agree with you, a simple and effective method that would allow us to define the seasons our favorite series, I had spoken about it a few days ago but without answer

that would be great


Hi James
sorry to talk again and again about this missing option

Why not take advantage of plex, emby or jellyfin which can use the fanarts for each season .Infuse uses the same posters and fanart chosen in these applications, why not take the opportunity to choose the fanart seasons
or let us design it by adding the option (choose the illustration …) please

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Hey James, sorry to be blunt why did you guys then switch to fanart hero views that cannot be switched off in v7. This makes no sense whatsoever, why is Sopranos s4 showing me an outdated fanart from s1. Like seriously, who on the team looked at it and said “this is good, let’s release this” :brain: :boom:


Please, don’t do a version where the episode artwork is the big image on the bg.
It will look just messy
The ideal is to be able to choose which image goes there
If it’s the only solution, please make it optional so the people that don’t want it can stick with the older version

Don’t understand, what you are saying. This thread is about having different Fan art per Season in the Background. So that whatever episode in a season is selected the same Fanart is shown in Background but having different Backround in Season 1, Season 2 etc.

This thread is not dealing with episode art (the small thumbnail for the episode) These are not supposed to be taken as Background (FanArt)


Same Problem
I am using Infuse 7 connected by plex
custom fanart for each season in plex (Manually Doing)
but infuse shows only one Fanart