Fan Art TVseries

Would be nice if fan art could be used as background image when entering series directories

yeah, this would be nice

I think there would need to be a library mode before that could happen as, to the best of my knowledge, Media Player only looks at file names right now, not folder names (e.g. some people probably have multiple series in one folder).

I guess it actually access the whole file path to the selected file. Since Media Player is made using Cocoa and Objective C, I guess they have access to the regular API-calls as on iOS.

just please make an option for a file name like: background.jpg or fanart.jpg just like you do with folder…jpg.  that would be huge!

is there an option somewhere in aTVfb2.0 that allows to show fanart when I select/open a particular TV Show (the ‘main’ show screen with the different seasons), and/or a specific Season-folder? Or is it only supported for each separate episode / media-file (which would be a bummer, as I like my episodes in list format instead of grid)?
Sort of like XMBC does - I like the eyecandy, but XMBC does not let my aTV2 go to sleep, and setting it up right is not nearly as straightforward as mediaplayer.

This is how I put in another post, but since this thread is already here: bump!