Family sync: same series, but different progress state on Apple TV

Hello together,
I have the following setup at home:

My wife:
1x iPad, 1x iPhone
1x iPad 1x iPhone
Together we have in the living room:
1x Apple TV 4k.
1x Data source: Qnap (smb)

Now I’m trying to get to a setup where each of us can watch the same series, but with different progress state synced between the owners devices. Is that possible? It seems to work for the iPhones and iPads through the personal iCloud, but how about the AppleTV? Should this theoretically be detect by Infuse when a user at apple tv has been changed?

Thanks a lot!

This will work for iPhones and iPads, but currently the Apple TV only allows for a single account to be used with iCloud Drive…which means syncing progress from multiple users will not be available.

We hope to explore adding support for multiple user profiles in a future update, and you can follow this thread for updates.

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