Family Sharing with Infuse Pro 6 liftime

Hello James.
Yesterday I paid the 44 euros to update from the Infuse 5 app to a lifetime sunbscription.
I have been able to activate Infuse 6 pro on my phone and my Appletv’s.
I have not been able to activate pro on the iphones on my family sharing.
I get a message to ask me to buy the app again, is this correct?

I presumed that my subscription would cover my family sharing.

Thank you

Did you set up Trak account as outlined here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing ?

I can activate pro using the trakt account but it reverts if I log out.
I would rarther not have all the iphone logged into trakt.
Thank you for the quick reply

We’re hopeful Apple will allow subscriptions to be shared natively in the future, but for now staying logged into Trakt on all devices is required.

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