Family Sharing/ question

Ive got 3 people using the family sharing option and im having a small issue and wondering if its related to the trakt tv.

since everyone has to use the same account to share infuse, is this the reason why if Person A is watching a movie and stops midway, when Person B loads the same movie it asks if they want to resume or re-start the movie

if yes, is there any way to avoid this from happening??

I don’t think you have to use the same account, if you want to use apples family sharing with infuse.
These are comletly different things.

Family sharing means, that you can use infuse on apple devices with different Apple IDs, as long as these IDs are part of your family group.

The account can be a different one on each apple device, within the family group. This is no problem.

Depends on which variant of Infuse you have bought.

Infuse Pro uses Family Sharing to allow the app to be shared with family members and each iOS/tvOS device can use different trakt accounts.

Infuse with subscription uses the trakt account to enable the Pro features on a device, thus all iOS/tvOS devices must use the same trakt account.

And yes, the watched progress of an episode/movie is recorded on trakt … so you can suspend watching on one iOS/tvOS device and resume it on another; Not ideal on a shared account.

One thing you can do is disable the ‘Scrobbling’ option on the devices you don’t want trakt receiving info FROM.

Trakt would still push info TO these devices, so if you started a movie and your family member went to watch the same movie they would be prompted to resume from the point at which you left off - but their progress would not sync to your device.

We’re hopeful Apple will add support for proper sharing of subscriptions/in-app purchases in a future version of iOS/tvOS, but for now we’re a bit limited in how we can handle this.

Thanks James…I will test that out this weekend but can you briefly explain what scrobbling does?

@remotevisitor and James - i was using the free trial to test it out (ended up cancelling it) and purchased the lifetime sub because this program is awesome!!! Looking forward to all future updates

With Scrobbling enabled, Infuse will post info about what you watch back to your account. This is useful for syncing things like watched statuses and playback progress.

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