Family Sharing - Sync History

I made the mistake of just downloading the Infuse 6 app in the App Store on my wife’s iPad and not going into my purchased apps to download it.

All fixed now.


Oh, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the tip - got it working too

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I was wondering how the family sharing works now that Apple allows it but your way worked for me. Thank you for posting this.

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Glad it helped.

Downloading from Family Purchases vs downloading from store made no difference to me when I was having issues yesterday, still got infinite spinning wheel and Timeout on restore purchases.

However, today (Australia time) magically it just works. I assume @james had a talking to with Timmy and got it all sorted. :thinking:

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Works for me now. Still unsure of how this will work on Apple TV though. Will switching profiles on Apple TV switch infuse profiles as well? Do we still need trakt?

It looks like Apple TV profiles supports different App Store accounts, so if you are using these it should work with Apple’s new Family Sharing.

Watched history will be tied to the main Apple ID associated with the Apple TV (multi-user doesn’t support switching iCloud Drive users right now).

Also, we’ve done some more testing here, and Family Sharing appears to be working normally in the current version of Infuse. It seems there may have be some issues on Apple’s end during the initial rollout.

If anyone is still experiencing trouble with Family Sharing of IAPs/subscriptions, please let me know.

@james I have a lifetime license. Downloaded on my wife’s iPad through my purchase history, but it still won’t restore the IAP on her iPad.

Welcome to the forum!

Is there a “Restore” button on the subscriptions page in her settings?

Yes. Tapping “Restore” shows a spinning wheel, then the button shakes and it does nothing.

Have you tried a restart on the iPad?

Yes, I’ve restarted it. And IAP/subscription sharing is working in other apps.

I know it a hassle, about the only other thing I can think of is to sign out of the user ID on the iPad and then sign back in.

Maybe someone who’s battled this new beast can chime in too. :smile:

Update: I tried restoring the IAP again on Friday and it actually worked. No idea what the issue was, but I now suspect it was something on Apple’s end.


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