Family Sharing - Sync History

My question is: would sharing the app also share the sync history across the devices? I am guessing without user profiles feature, the answer is yes but I want to make sure.


If you are using trakt to share the app subscription with family members then yes, it would. If you aren’t using trakt it goes off iCloud account

I am using icloud family sharing. I do not use trakt on my account. Does trakt helps keep thing separate or no? It wasn’t clear from your post.

Each Apple ID would have its own library and watched history. Apple does not allow iCloud data to sync between accounts, with or without Family Sharing.

If you did want to have watched history synced between accounts, you could have each user sign into the same Trakt account.


Hi James. I have a follow up question. In your other post exposing how to share the app via Family Sharing, under the in-app purchase route, the last step is to log in to the same Trakt account on my family’s devices.

Does that mean sharing the app via Family Sharing will always share the watched history?

At the present time, yes.

However, Apple announced they would be supporting native Family Sharing of in-app purchases and subscriptions this fall. This would remove the requirement for Trakt to enable Family Sharing in Infuse.

It doesn’t look like they have flipped the switch on this just yet, but we are hoping they do so soon.

In the meantime, you could disable Trakt ‘scrobbling’ on some devices. Doing this would prevent watched history being sent from Infuse to Trakt (and in turn to other Infuse devices).

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Family Sharing for App Store Subscriptions Now Available - MacRumors


Officially enabled for all Infuse in-app purchase and subscriptions. :slight_smile:


Kudos! :+1:

Just to confirm, so step 4 in the instructions here is no longer needed right?

And the Watch history will follow the family member’s iCloud account?

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Yes, we need to update that guide the guide has been updated.

Watched history will be tied to the actual Apple ID.

Note, if you have an existing Infuse Pro subscription you will need to enable family sharing. This can be done by viewing the Infuse subscription details in the Subscriptions section of the App Store and enabling the ‘Share with Family’ option.

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Has anybody gotten Family Sharing subs to work?

I have enabled the sub for Family Sharing, and am now trying to use it on my partner’s iPad.

Infuse still is in free mode, tried Restoring Purchases as possibly a way to make it see the shared sub and it just spins indefinitely and then eventually says Timeout.

The Apple account area also shows no family subscriptions in the iCloud area, and does not show subscriptions under a Family member’s purchases. So haven’t been able to check anything in that area either.

For anybody that got this working, how is it supposed to happen? Thanks.

I was able to test it with my wife’s iPhone, and it did work.

I initially tapped restore on the purchase screen but got the same spinning wheel you saw. However, it did say ‘thanks for going pro’ in the top area.

I forced closed the app and upon opening it the Infuse Pro logo was viable in the settings menu.

Not sure if there are a few quirks on Apple’s end, or if we need to fine tune something in Infuse.

Blasphemy! :rofl:

Tried the force quit/relaunch before posting, no luck. Will keep an eye on it and let you know if anything fixes it other than giving Apple some time to think about what they’ve done.


Hi James,

I have Infuse Pro 6. But I just downloaded Infuse 6 and purchased the lifetime pass in preparation for v7 :slight_smile:

Will it take some time for it to show up in my subscriptions so I can see it within family sharing?

Awesome! :star_struck:

The lifetime license is technically not a subscription, so it won’t appear in the subscriptions area.

However, it should appear in your App Store purchase history and it will be shareable via Family Sharing.

I’ve downloaded it on my wife’s iPad. Tried to force quit and also tried the Restore button without success.

Maybe because I just purchased the lifetime pass within the last hour?

Thanks again for enabling this. I’m having some trouble sharing the lifetime license (request keeps timing out on restore), but I’m sure this will be sorted out eventually

Same for me.

I am currently using infuse 6 with a yearly subscription.

So does this mean that now my wife can use her own trakt account? And for use on Apple TV can she (or must she)log in with her own account so as to have her watch history separate from mine?