Family Sharing requires everyone use the same Trakt a/c

I’ve been trying to get family sharing working with my Infuse subscription and failing. I’ve just discovered why: the sticky post in these forums mentions the requirement that all family members sign into the same Trakt account.
Is anyone going this differently? I really don’t want to share a Trakt account with my whole family. We each have our own accounts and that’s a very useful thing. I use the iShows app to view my Trakt account and really don’t want it to also show all the shows my wife and kids are interested in.
So, can Infuse be shared without sharing Trakt accounts? If not, what other solutions are out there that can be shared amongst family members and allow for separate Trakt logins?

Unfortunately Trakt is required for now, as Apple does not officially support Family Sharing of In-App Purchases.

One way around this would be to purchase the standalone Infuse Pro app, as this would allow for normal Family Sharing without using Trakt.

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