Family sharing not working for new family member


I have added the new family member to the family sharing and also logged in with the trakt account used on other devices but cannot restore the purchase?

I have also submitted a bug report at Apple

Do you have any other apps that are family shared that are working with ios beta 12?

I found this is not a beta issue as it also does not work on non beta devices.

For the new member that you are trying to add, did you install the same Infuse for them as the one you’re trying to share? If you have the purchased Infuse Pro version they also need the same one. If you have the Infuse (not pro) that is upgraded to pro version via the in app purchase they need to install that one.

There is a difference in how they are shared too based on which version.

The plain Infuse is here in the app store

The Infuse Pro is here

Here’s the info on that Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

I did all as described - for in-app purchase, it does not work anyhow?
All are part of the same family sharing, using the same infuse 5 app and logged in with the same trakt account across devices.

Can the new family member share other apps? Just trying to figure out if it could be the app store or slow to update systems.

I have no apps similarly bought with in app purchase. But I have now opened a support ticket. Thanks

Sorry I couldn’t help, let us know what you find out. I know it can get frustrating.

I am running into the exact same issue. Logged into the same account on an Apple TV that is under a family member’s Apple ID. The App Store shows family purchases so the App Store works fine. Same version of Infuse, with the IAP. I am on able to restore the pro purchase and I am not able to add any cloud services to the I am on able to restore the pro purchase and I am not able to add any cloud services to the library.

How many members and devices are on the sharing plan?

I set it up last night and it wasn’t working. This morning I turned Infuse back on and it showed the Pro subscription on the AppleTV like it should, so it was simply a matter of waiting and letting the cloud sync everything.


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