Family Sharing broken?

I’m desperately trying to get Infuse working on my daughters iPad. It was working a few weeks ago, but has now decided to downgrade itself to the free version, and will no longer sync with iCloud.

Family sharing settings have not been changed, yet I have confirmed them anyway, plus her Infuse is still logged in to my Trakt account, the same one I use on my Apple TV, which works fine, even with my own iPad. I am a subscriber to the Pro version, and pay yearly.

I have deleted the Infuse app from her iPad, deleted it’s icloud data, then reinstalled the standard Infuse app, then I open the app, then log in to Trakd with my account, yet it still asks me to upgrade to Infuse Pro, and refuses to sync to iCloud, without bringing up the purchase screen. I tap the Restore button, and after a few seconds, the button shakes and nothing else happens.

My kid and wife are pissed off, and it’s my problem…

Please someone tell me what I’m missing here, I followed the instructions to the letter… It has to be a bug in Infuse.

A few things to check.

  1. Confirm that your device (as well as others) are logged into the same Trakt account.

  2. Once all devices have been connected, ensure your device is fully synced (tap scan for changes in Settings > Library) and then do the same on the other devices.