Family Sharing and tvOS


My brother downloaded Infuse 5 and did the In-App Purchase to get the Pro version on his AppleTV. He then created a trakt account.

We have family sharing so I downloaded Infuse 5 and logged into the created trakt account and was able to turn it into the pro version on my iPhone.

When I logged into the trakt account on my AppleTV it didn’t become the pro version.

Is there a different way to family share on AppleTV?


that is strange - it worked for me!

Family Sharing currently requires the same trakt account to be used on all devices.

We are all logged in using the same trakt account.
There was an update to Infuse 5 today which I updated the tvOS version. It now has the Pro features, but my iPad still doesn’t.

Really weird…

Now for some strange reason I lost my pro features on my iPad but gained them on my AppleTV.

Something weird is going on with trakt as all the devices are logged into the same account.