Family sharing and trakt problem

Hello, I purchased the lifetime version of infuse 7 and I followed Apple’s official tutorial to turn on Family Sharing and added my family members to Family Sharing, but I found that none of them were able to restore the purchase.

Then I used trakt mode, but after they logged into my trakt account, some devices can turn on Pro, but some can’t, and some devices are logged into my trakt account, but after a few minutes, the Pro mode automatically disappears and reverts to a state that requires Pro activation, but at that point, their devices are not logged out of the trakt account.

I have tried all of the methods in this article. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

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Have you run through the Infuse users guide for family sharing?

There’s a note there also that says

“In some cases it may be necessary to delete and re-download the app from the main family member’s list of Purchased apps in the App Store.”

Yes, I’ve tried them all.

Did they download the app via their own App Store account or by going into your shared apps? Not sure if that would change anything.

Trakt sharing has a 6 device limit.

How many devices are you trying to use?

Yes, I added them all to my family sharing, and then they downloaded infuse from the apps I shared using their own accounts, but still couldn’t restore the lifetime version.

Hi James, since Apple’s Family Sharing is limited to 6 people, I invited 4 of my family members to share, but currently although I have added all of their accounts to my Family Sharing and they are all using their own accounts to download infuse from the Apps I share, we are currently unable to use Pro mode by restoring the lifetime version. When they click the Restore button, a spinning circle appears and then nothing happens at any point.
Then when we use the account to restore, now the limit of 6 devices is too little because we all have more devices, I hope the official can consider to release the limit number of devices. Currently we are sharing it with me plus my 4 family members, I can use my Apple ID to recover the purchase myself, but I have to have a device to log into, and they each have to need 9 device license numbers if they each have 2 devices.