Family Friendly features

One thing I would like to see added to Infuse is some new family friendly features that are being added to other video services.

  1. Common Sense Media Ratings to show more details about rating (Already being used by Apple in TV, Vudu)
  2. Video/Audio filtering for seamlessly skip or mute strong scenes of sexuality, violence, substance abuse, and language (Vudu, VidAngel)

Vudu just announced these features:


+1 on common sense media ratings for sure. Those are huge for us.

This might be hard to do unless there is an open source website that already provides a service for clients to tie into. I’m guessing because vudu controls the content they serve they manually go through the movies and mark the scenes themselves.

Yes, not expecting Infuse to create that API. Maybe Vudu would be able to do that or someone else?

There is an API for Common Sense Media.

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This would be great

If implemented, it should be optional. It is very US-centric and different cultures may have different views.

Sure, you would specify the level/type of filtering, if necessary, or none at all.

For removing language, if one has access to the subtitles like opensubtitles or in any other text format like srt, then, it’s actually not that difficult since program can scan for the words you have configured and not play the sound during the subtitle time. This is similar to what Dish Network does with it’s Hopper (of course optional). Some players already use EDL files and remove the sound, for example Mrmc.

+1 to family friendly features, or at least multi-user/profile options…