"Family" Apple TV don't sync everything


I have sync turned on yet on one Apple TV that is used by the family I don’t want certain folders & watched content from these folders displayed.

Obviously turning sync off is not the solution as then content that should be synced isn’t just because of some favorites that should be hidden and not displayed and therefore not synced. Can’t there be an option when a Favorite or Share is hidden and not wanted on one ATV that this disables the displaying of the content incl. up next etc?

As one size never fits all syncing should include exceptions. Are there any plans to fix this in the near future?

Hope this hasn’t been discussed as syncing is mostly discussed about issues that it doesn’t work.

Thank you!

I don’t use the feature myself but have you tried the parental control settings?

Parental isn’t any help for this - no classifications - but thanks for the suggestion.

A selective sync option isn’t available at this time, but one thing you could do is look at using different Apple IDs on the devices you don’t want to sync with each other.

Or, have iCloud Sync enabled initially on one device (so the shares sync over) but then disable it. Doing this will allow you to have different lists and favorites, but still have access to newly added when added on your source device(s).

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