failure to jailbreak apple tv 2g 4.0 version...



i am running the 4.0 version on the apple tv 2g and is trying to jailbreak my apple tv with the how to guide from firecore the 4.1 version but when i get to itune and try to restore ot with the fixed file i get this error: the Apple TV "Apple TV" could not be restored. This device isn't eligible for the requested build ????????????


what now the i just bought the beta 2 and life time update but i cant jailbreak and use my atv flash beta 2


any help and ideas would be cool


thanks in advance

i think this is not a failure of firecore. you and me, we are in the same situation. we have to wait until the next jailbreak update by dev-team is released. the next update will work with 4.1 firmware

This error often happens ether when you are selecting the wrong firmware file for your device or if you do not have the shsh files saved for the firmware version you are trying to downgrade to.


Read more about it here: