Failing to download metadata for TV shows

This problem started yesterday and when I looked on the forums I saw several other people reporting problems. It seemed to be linked to some problem with the TVDB being down or some issue with the API.

Is anyone else still having problems downloading metadata for TV shows?

A little more info on how I’ve tried troubleshooting so far (tried tonight, after Chuck said it was working):

I first tried restarting Plex and then my computer which didn’t help
Next I tried clearing my caches (this was recommended in another thread), which didn’t help either
I tried downloading metadata for a movie and it was successful
I tried downloading metadata for a different TV show, then on a different server on a different computer (different OS too), then on a different wifi network (phone hotspot), and I was still unable to load the metadata.
Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum!

What country are you located in?