Failed Upgrade

I have tried unsuccessfully to upgrade my Apple TV software from an earlier version to the latest. I do not know what version it was on as I have not upgraded it since I installed ATVFlash for the first time in June 2009. I had the AppleTV set to a manual software update and decided to run this yesterday. The download went fine and the AppleTV asked to reboot. I accepted and since then it has been stuck on the black and white Apple logo with a yellow/orange light blinking on the front. I tried this evening to load the new version of the ATVFlash and this has had the same result. I did see the ATVFlash logo and the software being updated and then was asked to reboot. It appears that the AppleTV is rebooting and then looping without actually starting. That is it has the Black and White Apple logo and then this goes off the screen goes black then blue (this is normally when I have a device connected but no signal) then back to the logo.

Any advice would be helpful.

Were you previously using an external drive for iTunes storage?

If needed, you can perform a Factory Restore through the Recovery menu which can be accessed by following the guide here:

Max, thanks for the reply. I tried a factory reset by pressing the Menu and - button at the same time for about 5 secs. This resulted in the screen going blank then the black and white Apple logo and the blinking yellow light coming back on. I had an external drive attached to the Apple TV with movie content on it. This was not Apple TV content only other movies which I watched through ATVFlash applications. The external drive was connected to the AppleTV when I downloaded the upgrade for my AppleTV software and also when I rebooted the system. I disconnected it and tried the ATVFlash upgrade I have not connected it since.
Not sure where to go from here as I cannot interface with any menu.

The issue may be related to Sapphire. You may try the fix outlined here:

Max, Thanks for suggestions, I cannot login to my AppleTV using Cyberduck FTP application - I have in the past been able to and not had any difficulty. I get a response that it cannot find the AppleTV.

The Cyberduck came back with this error message:
DNS Error: Connection failed

My status right now is:
AppleTV is on linked by HDMI to a Yamaha AV Amplifier then in turn by HDMI to my TV
TV screen shows AppleTV logo in center.
AppleTV has blinking orange/yellow light on front
AppleTV is connected to my DSL Router via LAN - I can see this is active on my speedport setup. I do not know its IP address on my LAN
Nothing is connected to the USB port
I have installed updated Apple software (resulting in current status)
I have installed ATVFlash update
I have made a Factory Reset and I do not get the screen with language choice nor menu with choices for reset.

Is there anyway I can use a default IP address for access to my Apple TV or a different address?

Of course if any other information would help please advise.


Well, I think I am having the same problem as you are… but with no flashing yellow light! That part seems to be fine on my unit. Uggh! I simply have the black and white apple logo on my screen and I cannot navigate anywhere past it. I have even used different remotes in case it was the remote.

To offer some details on the situation I obtained this status after going through what I thought were fairly routine installations of the two remaining items that I haven’t used yet. (referring to ATV flash) One of the installs being “Boxee” and something else(?). The ignorance on my part is that I don’t even know what boxee is or does and yet I installed it anyway because I have had such a bug free experience with ATV flash. Anyway, I tried to install it along with other updates and installations and then when it re-started it hasn’t come back to life since. I am thinking that this is where my mistake was. I have tried unplugging the unit numerous times, all to no avail. Yes, in case someone ask, I have a 2TB HD via USB into my ATV.

Anyone up for some sorely needed therapy? :oops:

Regards and thanks in advance,

Your best option may be to download the current 4.1.5 version from our site and re-install using a USB flash drive.

Your 4.1.5 download link will be visible on the order details page when logged in.