Failed to open input stream in demuxing stream

I get this error out of nowhere. On files that previously worked fine. Now I see “Failed to open input stream in demuxing stream” and that’s it. I’m on iPad, the latest available version.

Since there are lots of releases pretty close together it may help to provide the version numbers of both Infuse and the iPadOS.

Sorry to butt in, I am having the same issue on some of the episodes. One thing I notice with them that will have this error is the files will not show the usual info like the running time, the resolution, and whether it’s HDR or DV on the episode list. This error occurs through SMB.

They play fine on my PC or Macbook just fine.

Edit: Just tried copying the file on my iPhone, same error.

iOS 16.7.2
Infuse 7.6.4

Hello all, same issue here.
For information, video are playing fine via VLC.
Connected via SMB on infuse / UPnP on VLC.
I can’t connect infuse via UPnP, bookmarked folder doesn’t show on my library…

iOS 17.1.2
Infuse 7.6.4
tvOS 17.1

Same error on Apple TV and iPhone.

Is this affecting all files or just a few?

If just specific files, sending in a sample file that is causing issues may help us better understand what is going on.

It seems random…
Just after posting my reply it worked fine.
Five minutes before that, none of the videos worked.

Random files. Not all are affected. I will send a file once I get home. Thank you.

I have same issue too. ( appleTV, Synology NAS Using SMB2 ).
Not specific file, it’s occur random file.
The demuxing problem seems to only occur in SMB. There is no problem when playing with UPNP etc.

Same error here.

If you see this error again, can you send in a report from the app and post the 5 digit code here?

code : 56816
thank you

Thanks for the code. This specific case is related to a network issue related to your SMB server. I sent you a PM with the server address Infuse is having trouble connecting to.

In general, this “Failed to open input stream in demuxing stream” message is a fairly generic error Infuse may display if it is not able to connect to a device or there is another issue with a specific file. I realize this kind of error isn’t particularly helpful, and we’ll be working to display better, more helpful messages in one of the next updates.

Thanks for your reply.
After force reboot my NAS, it’s working well.

—> Same problem occurred again …


I am also getting this error message, it’s just happened all of a sudden for seemingly no reason, nothing in my setup has changed. I use a Google drive source so I don’t know if that matters

I got that error on the Apple TV for an episode yesterday, after getting the error I noticed a blank episode with a GUID for a title had appeared in the next up list.

I then tried to play the episode again and it played successfully, and after the episode completed and I was returned to the Next Up list I noticed the GUID episode was still there but it then disappeared (as if it had been marked as played).

The episode in my case was via Emby. I was on TVoS 17.1 (I updated to 17.2 a few hours later). Pretty sure I was on the latest TVoS version of Infuse 7.

This error started happening to me too today. Looks like old media works while new media don’t and consistently produces this error on Apple TV with Synology SMB v3 (v2 as fallback). No changes have been done to the synology or to the file system.

Added a new WebDAV share and tried that way instead of SMB, but still get the same error for the same recently added media. And old media still works. It’s safe to say that that the error is not caused by SMB.

If this is only affecting specific files would you be able to upload a sample we can review here?

I’m also getting this error on an Apple TV if I try to select something from the previews generated for apps in the top row on the main ATV screen. The weird thing is that not all items there will trigger the error, and those that do will still play correctly if I instead select them directly inside the Infuse app.

When it happens, Infuse will open and then immediately go on a black screen showing this error in a kind of pop up window: “An error occurred - Failed to open input stream in demuxing stream”. After pressing the Close button for this error window, I’m brought on the main screen of Infuse and a “fake” new item with a gray icon and named with a random string of numbers and letters will be added to the Watching section. This new item will then disappear if I completely close and reopen Infuse.

I’m using Infuse with a Plex server, if it makes a difference.
Infuse 7.6.4
tvOS 17.2

Edit: After more testing with Infuse 7.6.5, it seems to be happening mainly with TV shows.


Good news, turns out my case was a permissions problem. A rather obscure one that was caused unbeknownst by other software. My bad!

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