Failed Indexing only on Mac app, while ATV and iOS still index

I’ve had ATV, iOS and Macbook Infuse working for years. All three access the same SMB network drive. Nothing changed on the network drive. All 3 platforms are updated with the latest Pro versions. A month ago the Macbook app suddenly failed indexing. The ATV and iOS continued indexing normally. I have used “Forget Share” numerous times, re-entering the correct info on the Mac app. Nothing fixes the problem. The Macos Finder has no problem connecting to the network drive and viewing the contents in the folders that are shared. The only thing I can imagine is that the Mac app has a bug in its latest update.

Are the shares able to be added to Infuse (so that you can browse their contents) or are you not even able to do that?

I’d verify the Mac Infuse App’s login / password and share settings / details exactly match those from the working devices; and make sure that the relevant shared folders on the Mac’s Infuse App are correctly starred to make sure they are included in the Mac’s Infuse Library so that they will be included in the list of files to index.

You can browse shared folder files in Infuse without adding them to the library, so it might be as simple as the files weren’t re-added to the Infuse Library when a share was erased and reestablished.